Dr. Kathy Bui strongly believes in a preventative approach to dentistry. It all begins with proper patient education and regular check ups. Anything you own long-term in your life (i.e., a house) requires maintenance. The same applies to your dental health. It is now more important than ever to monitor your health and catch problems early before they arise. The heart and soul of our practice is providing comprehensive care to informed patients. By staying informed of your oral health, you will take on a much more active role in managing your overall health. At Aubrey Dental, we provide ADA recommended products and preventative treatment options to help reduce your risk of developing common oral problems such as gingivitis, the number one cause of bad breath and tooth loss.

ADA approved and recommended products offered at Aubrey Dental designed to enhance your oral health include:

  • Electronic toothbrushes (Sonicare)
  • WaterPik (an easy, effective way of flossing without a string)
  • Anti-sensitivity toothpaste (MI paste)
  • Home whitening kits
  • Anti-microbial mouth rinses