Let’s face it. Image and personal appearance are key factors in how the world perceives you. If you have always wanted a beautiful white smile but was hesitant to go to the dentist because of financial reasons, come see us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.


Do you suffer from any of the following?

  1. Discolored teeth
  2. Broken teeth
  3. Spaces between your front teeth
  4. Crooked teeth

Don’t despair. Dr. Kathy Bui’s experience and postgraduate studies in esthetic restorative dentistry have advanced her skills and knowledge in creating the perfect smile that you deserve.

At Aubrey Dental, quality is guaranteed. We work with top U.S. dental laboratories that understand that dentistry is not just a science but also an art that deserves meticulous attention and analysis. Dr. Bui and her lab artisans will work hard to achieve a smile that looks completely natural. You can rest assured that the materials used in fabricating your crowns are approved by the ADA/FDA and are composed of high quality material made in the U.S.